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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Creative Ways to Entertain Your Cat

Originally posted on
August 14th, 2013

When most people think of entertaining their dogs they can come up with a host of possibilities. Walks, new toys, swimming, jogging, doggie play dates – but if you ask those same people how they entertain their cats they end up drawing a blank. Here are a few creative ways to get your cat to act like that fun playful kitten again:

Invest in good scratching posts and cat houses

This one goes without saying, but a cat tree is a much nicer place for your feline to climb than your couch or heaven forbid, your curtains! A cat tree or even a simple cardboard scratching post can make all the difference to a bored cat. Plus it gives them the opportunity to use their natural climbing instincts and to roost up high where they can sit and watch all the household activities.

Supply a variety of treats

Rather than the typical dried catnip (which to be honest, the cat has no complaints with), add a little variety to your cats diet and try something new such as wheat grass, a catnip plant, cat treats, or even canned tuna. Find what makes your cat come running when you open the bag and you will have one happy kitty.
Once you know what they like you can turn it into a game of hide and seek and hide treats in their beds or by their toys, or you can throw them and have the cat “fetch” them. Just don’t expect a return!

Switch up the toys

You should switch up the toys every now and again to create more of a natural environment for your cat. They are habitually predatory animals and love having something to chase, paw at, and bite. This is especially important for kittens as they develop. The more you play with your kitten, the less likely it is to get into something it shouldn’t in your house.

Get them a friend

If your cat seems sulky and lonely, it could be worth trying to add a new feline to the mix. While they may hiss at each other momentarily, chances are they will wind up being very close and keep each other company while you are away.

Create an outdoorsy experience

Cats are endlessly fascinated with the outdoors, and who can blame them? Birds, insects, leaves, and new noises are all big stimuli for them. If you’re able to build an outdoor cat enclosure to keep them safe they may enjoy some time outside. If that’s not a possibility simply try opening the window or building them a spot to sit by a window ledge.
Brett Packer owns and operates At Home Veterinary Care since 1997. He is an avid dog lover and enjoys helping other people's pets achieve the best health possible.


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