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Monday, October 29, 2012

Re-post: Pets Now “De-Stressing” to Classical Music!

Pets Now “De-Stressing” to Classical Music!

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Ever heard the old phrase ”music soothes the savage beast”?  It has long been known that soft, melodic music relieves stress, is relaxing, and promotes healing and a sense of well-being in humans.  So why not in animals?  When I am playing the piano, my dog drops her favorite toy, seeks me out, and curls up at my feet …. then immediately falls asleep.  So, based on my own very unscientific research, playing soft music for pets seems to work.
Does your pet get anxious when you leave them home for the day?  Are they afraid of thunder or other loud noises?  Is your pet recuperating from surgery?  Music My Pet is a recording company that creates classical music just for pets. According to the company, the great works of composers such as Bach and Beethoven have been re-orchestrated with musical instruments and sounds that will de-stress pets.
To learn more about Music My Pet, and to listen to some of their pet-specific recordings, visit their webiste at  Happy Listening!
Let us know how you de-stress and keep your loving companions calm and de-stressed.  Thanks again for reading my blog. 
Disclaimer: is in no way endorsing, promoting, or excepts any liability for the company or its products mentioned in this blog post. 
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