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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Learn The Experts Secrets For Keeping Pets Calm During A Move

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Moving house can certainly be a time of high stress and anxiety for the family. You are finishing packing, the movers come, and you relocate to a new home, a new neighborhood, and sometimes even a new city. Not only can it be stressful for you and your kids, it can be stressful on your dog as well. 

Most dogs can easily tell when something is in the air. If you are moving or planning a trip, the dog knows. They may not know exactly what is going on, but they know when something is about to change. As they begin to see boxes replacing household items, they begin to become anxious. And then the movers come, and they have strangers going in and out of their home and disrupting life as they know it. Then when they get brought over to the new house, it smells different, it looks different, and everything is still in boxes. They are nervous and don’t know what to make of all the change. 

So, how can you help your dog when you move?

Here are a few calming tips and helpful hints to keeping your pet as relaxed as possible during this time.

Remember, sometimes an upset or barky dog can cause you to become more stressed; helping your dog stay calm will benefit you and your family as well.

When preparing to move, one of the last things you should pack is your pet’s toys, blankets, bed, and doggie bones. These are all items that are familiar to your dog. If you take away their personal items, they may become distressed and start searching for their favorite tennis ball or squeaky toy. Depending on how many toys your dog has, you may not need to pack them all. Simply transport Fido with his bed, comfort blanket, and favorite bone and toy. The rest you can throw in a box as you walk him out the door and into the car.

If you are hiring professional movers or if you are getting a bunch of friends to help you move, either way, they are people that are new and strange to your dog, and they will be going in and out of the house.

Depending on how protective your dog is of your house, it may change your approach. First go ahead and take the time to introduce each mover or friend to your dog, so Fido can be assured that they are “good” people, and not “bad.” If this does not help, you may want to put your dog in the backyard or in the laundry room, out of the way. If your dog is just curious, it may help them to be near everyone else, such as the front yard. You may want to try putting them on a leash and stake out front so they can see what is going on.

Loud noises and strange people going in and out of the house can be stressful on your pet. Moving from somewhere familiar to somewhere that is completely different can easily make a dog nervous.

Be sure to comfort them often, and let them have full access to their belongings. This will calm them and give them a sense of security even though things are hectic. Keeping your dog calm will also help you be calm. Good luck moving!
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