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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Top ten signs you might be sharing your life with a killer cat

Just in time for Halloween!

10. In the dark, you can’t see those wide awake, ever alert cat eyes observing you as you sleep.
9. Those aren’t claws on the paws, they’re daggers.
8.  Kitty whiskers up your nose could tickle you to death.
7.  Those jaws of death could chew through more than tuna in a pink plastic bowl in the kitchen.
6. That mouse is nothing but a practice run for bigger stuff to come.
5. You may never get to eat again; turn your back for a second and your dinner plate is mysteriously empty.
4. High on catnip, the cat is not responsible for her actions.
3. Cat breath from hell.
2. The ultimate feline weapon that can knock you out: Litter box!
1. Perfect crime: If you trip over a cat at the top of the stairs, it’s assumed to be an accident.

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