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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Family, Pets, Travel…Music My Pet.

By Tim Gallagher, Senior Editor (Music My Pet News)

Courtesy of: and Liz Noffsinger
As the summer travel season begins it's time to think of everything you need for that road trip.

Our pets are as much a part of our family as anyone else.  It’s no surprise then that we take our pets with us when we travel.  Whether it’s around the corner, a family vacation or a trip across country, we take our pets in our cars wherever we go!  We buckle our kids up.  We buckle ourselves up….but the family pet is usually free to roam.  Some have begun to address this problem with various pet restraint methods including pet carriers, restraint straps and other devices. 
I can remember when I was younger, while traveling to New York on the highway; quite often we saw cats bouncing around in other cars or dogs panting with their heads outside the window. I bet both the drivers and their pets wish they had Music My Pet!

Music My Pet to the rescue.  Many of our customers have told us (see our testimonial page) that they use Music My Pet when they take their pets with them for a ride in the car.  They report that their pets are much more relaxed and more likely to fall asleep instead of romping around in the back seat.  This makes for a safer ride for both you and your pet.  Pet owners can concentrate on driving without being distracted by restless pets. Music My Pet will be music to their ears and serenity to yours.

At Music My Pet we think, a calm pet is a safe pet!  Happy travels.

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